A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live

Today, I'm going LIVE on Facebook once again. This one's special! I'm sharing more about my partnership with A21, in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. There are some amazing things happening, and I'm just one cog in the wheel!    I announced yesterday that 10% of the profits for my upcoming… Continue reading A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live



Coffee today, is where I recap the INCREDIBLE music competition that CGSP ran recently.  The talent was Amazing - and I can't wait to share... The highlight video where I went through them all (with a bit more insight into what that means for the story) is below: If you want a snapshot -… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT Playlist Revealed


Reading From Kidnapped Entanglement (SPARKLIT)

Last night I was humbled as a reading of my upcoming book (in an earlier draft) was broadcast on the Sparklit Awards ceremony. Along with other writers, I had my words (and face) known. It was amazing to be part of something so impacting. I wanted to share the clip with you - even just… Continue reading Reading From Kidnapped Entanglement (SPARKLIT)


Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)

Did you miss the latest CGSP Facebook/Instagram Live session of coffee? This time, I did a review of book 2 in a three book series by Ted Dekker. A 13-year-old orphan has no memory beyond 6 months ago. When she is taken by a man who claims her mother (whom she thought was dead) is… Continue reading Walking On Water.. Towards Coffee (Book Review)


5 Things I Can’t Live Without…

The age old question: If you were stuck on a Desert Island and could only bring X things.... People get asked this question so many times, and I've decided to jump on board! I shared what my five things would be that I can't live without on my latest Facebook and Instagram Live 'Coffee Catch… Continue reading 5 Things I Can’t Live Without…