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Billion Dollar Industry | FACTS on Trafficking

Human Trafficking is recruitment, control and use of people for their bodies and labor. People all over the world, are being bought and sold against their will. Through force, fraud and coercion criminals are able to get rich at the expense of a human life. That's happening right now, in the 21st century! There are… Continue reading Billion Dollar Industry | FACTS on Trafficking


A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live

Today, I'm going LIVE on Facebook once again. This one's special! I'm sharing more about my partnership with A21, in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. There are some amazing things happening, and I'm just one cog in the wheel!    I announced yesterday that 10% of the profits for my upcoming… Continue reading A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live

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I’m doing something special! I have a very blessed life, with a good family, home and food on the table. Not everyone is as blessed as I am. As an author, I’ve decided to partner with the anti-human trafficking organisation - A21. Together, we're going to fight against this huge injustice. My book KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT… Continue reading Partnering with A21 | KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT