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What Covers Make the Cut? | CGSP Booktube Debate

There are so many ways we can enjoy books! Hardcover, Paperback and eBook are the main ways, and I decided to join the debate of what's the BEST! I'm running down my thoughts on Hardcover v Paperback v eBook and why! Check out the video for my thoughts below, then share YOUR opinion on this… Continue reading What Covers Make the Cut? | CGSP Booktube Debate

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Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live

Looking like a kidnapper (or worse) in the middle of the forest, and a pandemic... Yeah, that seems sensible! I couldn't help it though, because I'm on a deadline! So I'm sharing the behind the scenes with you! My latest Facebook Live took place when I was out doing 'secret' and special filming for my… Continue reading Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live

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A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live

Today, I'm going LIVE on Facebook once again. This one's special! I'm sharing more about my partnership with A21, in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. There are some amazing things happening, and I'm just one cog in the wheel!    I announced yesterday that 10% of the profits for my upcoming… Continue reading A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live


My Weird Reading Habits…

Apparently throwing up your hands and screaming at a book is weird. Oh, and tossing books at the wall is also odd....   Recently, I discovered that I'm WEIRD! What are the habits that I've developed while reading, that you may laugh at?? Check out the video below to find out: >>Get all the info… Continue reading My Weird Reading Habits…


Real Life Explosions

Bang! Explosion, fire everywhere and you're knocked on your ass! Okay, okay. I hear you asking, why are we talking about an explosion? In my spy adventures The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles, I had an explosion (Instalment 68 - link below if you want to check it out). I wrote that scene with NO idea what… Continue reading Real Life Explosions