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A Writer’s TikTok | I SPY, IN JULY

Ever wonder what us weirdo authors end up posting on TikTok? Well, here's your answer.... I've put a snapshot of the highlight videos from my @christygracescarletpen TikTok account.   https://youtu.be/GpkcRY9jwG0 >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here   If you want to see more, you can look me up and scroll through… Continue reading A Writer’s TikTok | I SPY, IN JULY

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TikTok Pros and Cons

There’s been a lot of talk about shutting down or banning TikTok in a few countries. Love or hate, believe the conspiracies or not, there's just something fun about the app! Like so many people around my age, I was against to start with!!!! I claimed that I would never do videos... ever! Then, (like… Continue reading TikTok Pros and Cons


Wasting Time on Social Media

More and more, our lives are online. Especially right now with being in lockdown and trying to stop the spread of something which is dangerous to everyone. During this time, i've found myself going down rabbit holes, getting hooked into a cycle and a loop of Social Media blackouts. When I come too, it's been… Continue reading Wasting Time on Social Media


21st Century Message in a Bottle

Is TikTok just for teenagers?I'm not a teenager - let's just start this off with that fact right now... but, i've found myself dragged into the recent phenomenon that is TikTok, where I realised something - it's not just for teenagers!! There are so many people, old, young and in between, who are on TikTok!!… Continue reading 21st Century Message in a Bottle