21st Century Message in a Bottle

Is TikTok just for teenagers?

I’m not a teenager – let’s just start this off with that fact right now… but, i’ve found myself dragged into the recent phenomenon that is TikTok, where I realised something – it’s not just for teenagers!!

There are so many people, old, young and in between, who are on TikTok!! Okay, i’ll admit – I don’t watch ‘trends’, I tend to end up with the videos of someone yelling at turkey’s outside their window so they gobble back, or a dancing ferret… however, there was one video I saw recently which managed to get my writer/curiosity senses tingling.

I think I remember in the back of my mind hearing about leaving a USB with a random note on it for a stranger, but this was the first time (in a long time anyway) where I had actually seen it in practice! A guy on TikTok found a USB (not unlike the one Evelyn Carmichael was after in the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles) and when he plugged it into his computer at home, it was called ‘YOU FOUND ME’ with a special message in a document.

Even though he didn’t show WHAT the doc said in the first video, it sparked my interest, and my thoughts of what I would put on the USB….

I’d like to think it would be something profound (like a quote about prosperity, finding what was once lost or some other thing along those lines), or even sales worthy (like a free copy of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles PART ONE…

What message would you put on a USB? Would it be like having a ‘message in a bottle’ after being stranded on a desert island? A modern day version, helping people find their way in this crazy world.. Or maybe it would be your phone number????

Let me know what YOU would want it to say, and what you would put on it in the comments, or on the CGSP Facebook page!

See You in the Adventures!

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