Wasting Time on Social Media

More and more, our lives are online. Especially right now with being in lockdown and trying to stop the spread of something which is dangerous to everyone.

During this time, i’ve found myself going down rabbit holes, getting hooked into a cycle and a loop of Social Media blackouts. When I come too, it’s been two hours, and i’ve not moved or done anything productive except learnt how someone made a pizza at home during their own lockdown experience.

My favourite Social Media ‘vice’ right now is TikTok, and before you close down this post thinking ‘this isn’t a post for me, i’m not 18 years old’ you can keep reading – because news flash, TikTok has so many ages on it. My favourite is the old grandmas and grandpas dancing with their grandkids, but a lot of the content on there, is by millennials, people in their 50s, you name it – they’ve got it.

I watch for the humorous or inspiring content, not the teeny boppers in midriff tops and yoga pants shaking their rump in one video, then complaining about being objectified in the next. But, i’ve found that recently while I have limited structure at home, i’ve been sucked into this online world more and more. Where once, I had vowed never to post a video myself, I posted one of my dog. Then the next vow to never be in one myself, and I posted a few of me… it’s a slippery slope people!

Regardless of where you’re getting lost right now – be it online, or puzzles, or perhaps painting (which is something fun i’ve been getting back into), we seem to have a lot more free time to spend on things that we otherwise wouldn’t have.
I can’t help but think that this sudden interest in sitting on Instagram or TikTok all day long, is because I have some of those ‘isolation feels’ – because it’s easier to get sucked into an imaginary world, or a fantasy world, than face the real one.

I’m excited to explore more things to do, have more time to spend on stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to, but I want to be careful with WHAT I am putting my focus into. Spending five ours on TikTok is NOT going to write my book, or post these amusing antidotes for you guys!

How are you spending your free time? Are you getting lost down the rabbit hole of Social Media too? I’d LOVE to know, so comment with your pass time right now!
In the meantime…

See You in The Adventures


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