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TikTok Pros and Cons

There’s been a lot of talk about shutting down or banning TikTok in a few countries. Love or hate, believe the conspiracies or not, there’s just something fun about the app!

Like so many people around my age, I was against to start with!!!! I claimed that I would never do videos… ever! Then, (like everyone on TikTok) I got hooked! I started watching funny videos, then found myself making them. And guess what… It was really fun!

I stopped a while back, because I got really busy and didn’t have the time, but it was actually pretty enjoyable to be silly and film myself miming to classic move and tv quotes.
But it’s not all sunshine and roses. I found that there were pros and cons in using TikTok. Specifically, as a writer…

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  • It’s a fun way to connect with all kinds of people
  • You can express yourself and your weirdness
  • I got to see what other people were up to
  • You can mime to your fav songs or quotes (I’m partial to the quotes)
  • I get a chance to create my own content too (not just the quote fest!)
  • You can show your personality in another way/avenue


  • Sometimes, you don’t reach many people (unless you have millions of followers…)
  • It can be pretty time consuming
  • Some “trends” (the popular videos for you TikTok newbies) suck – they just aren’t fun
  • It can be hard to be found by the audience you want in the beginning
  • The content cant be played on any other format (like Youtube) due to copyright issues


Like it or loathe it, TikTok is going to be here for a while. When I get a bit more time on my hands, who knows? Maybe I’ll start doing them again!

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See You in The Adventures!

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