Popular Authors I Won’t Read

Whether you are a reader who takes recommendations from friends and family, bookstore workers, Booktube, Booktok, newspapers and magazines or any other format.... recommendations are always at easy reach! Everyone has an opinion about a book they've read, an author they like or dislike, and that means the internet and the world around us is… Continue reading Popular Authors I Won’t Read

hate writing editing spy july

I Hate Writing…??? | I SPY, IN JULY

I hate writing??? What kind of statement is that? Well... okay not ALL writing - just the editing stage. I'm talking about why I hate editing, and how it get's in the way of the creative process. >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here What's something you hate to do? Share… Continue reading I Hate Writing…??? | I SPY, IN JULY

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The Classic Collection (Movie Edition) | I SPY, IN JULY

I noticed recently that there are a few (*cough* okay, a lot) classic movies which I just haven't given the time of day. I'm fixing that NOW! I tackled Indiana Jones, Rocky, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and more to see what all the hubbub was about - and I'm letting you know what I thought.… Continue reading The Classic Collection (Movie Edition) | I SPY, IN JULY