It’s A Wrap | I SPY, IN JULY

Well, it is all over red rover. The I Spy In July journey has come to an end. It's a wrap, as they say...  Although I'm sad about it, I'm also happy - because I get to share some of the funniest and best moments in the last month's journey! Here's the list of all… Continue reading It’s A Wrap | I SPY, IN JULY

lucy golf spy july

Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

What is a stimey, dormie and niblik? Are they real golf terms, or just something that Ricky and Fred made up? I Love Lucy is a classic, and one of my favourite episodes was "the Golf Game" where Ricky and Fred try to teach their wives such a difficult game, that they'd never want to… Continue reading Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY


Secrets Exposed!

"I swear, I don't still sleep with a teddy bear at 23!" Hmmmm, I'm not sure if that's something I'd admit on live television with the entire world watching. Unfortunately, for Hannah Carmichael (super spy), that could be a reality. No, not the teddy bear admission, but the existence of the super secret and corrupt… Continue reading Secrets Exposed!


Screaming And Running

There's an instinct that isn't talked about enough... Oh wait, it's talked about too much. That's right! Yes I know, I know. If it's talked about too much, then why am I about to enthral you with another post that talks about it? Well I'm glad you asked! I recently had a super spy instalment… Continue reading Screaming And Running


My first TV Interview With 1700

My first author interview... sort of. It was great!! Normally 1700 is shot live in studio here in Melbourne, Australia. With all the Covid restrictions, they're doing things iso style - at home! I got an amazing chance to chat with these beautiful people about the CGSP song competition, which was amazing! I was SUPER… Continue reading My first TV Interview With 1700