A21 Partnership & Summit | A CGSP Facebook Live

Today, I’m going LIVE on Facebook once again. This one’s special! I’m sharing more about my partnership with A21, in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery.
There are some amazing things happening, and I’m just one cog in the wheel! 


I announced yesterday that 10% of the profits for my upcoming novel KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT will be donated to A21 in their fight to abolish human trafficking. That’s not all I want to do. I can do more, and so can you – we all can! We can stand up for people who dont’ have a voice. That’s what I’m doing in the latest CGSP Facebook Live! 


I’ll make sure you know EVERYTHING that you need to. All about the A21 Global Freedom Summit, and how I’m contributing! If you want to skip ahead of my FB live, and find out how YOU can also get involved in the Summit! Head to the A21 website >>>here and you can start your own journey in making a difference in someone’s life!
I’m so happy to be involved, not only when my book is released, but right now!

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It’s going to be an amazing LIVE, so I hope that you’ll be ready for another Coffee Catch Up With Christy (In Quarantine Edition). We’re starting at 3pm (Australian EST), and I can’t wait to see you there!

For the LIVE you can head to the CGSP Facebook page >>>Here but if you can’t get there at 3pm, I’ll be posting a HIGHLIGHTS video on my CGSP Youtube next week!


See You in the Adventures!


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