Pack My Bags, I’m Going Home

Okay. I tried my best, and nothing worked. That's it, I'm done. It's over. I give up.  What? That can't be right! Can it? It's so easy when things don't work out the way we wanted, or planed, to just pack our bags and move on with our lives - even if that's our dream!… Continue reading Pack My Bags, I’m Going Home


Reading From Kidnapped Entanglement (SPARKLIT)

Last night I was humbled as a reading of my upcoming book (in an earlier draft) was broadcast on the Sparklit Awards ceremony. Along with other writers, I had my words (and face) known. It was amazing to be part of something so impacting. I wanted to share the clip with you - even just… Continue reading Reading From Kidnapped Entanglement (SPARKLIT)


What’s Stopping You…?

Hello friends; writers, readers, life livers, everyone really. WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? I found myself in an interesting position recently. Along with everyone else, I've been in lockdown at home - which means i've been able to write more and work on my 1st book manuscript a lot (which is great!). So, when a familiar writing… Continue reading What’s Stopping You…?


SuperSpy: What Would You Do?

Hannah Carmichael is a SUPER SPY Extraordinaire - but I could never be one... I am too passive, too nice, and too empathetic to do what she does... but it's nice to walk ALL THE WAY up to the line, then step back. I am all for getting into car boots, throwing phones outside of… Continue reading SuperSpy: What Would You Do?


Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’

No, I haven't changed my name. No, I haven't stolen someone else's 'Outdoor Observations' writing piece. What I have done, is absolutely steal the title from the 60s TV show 'Gidget' with Sally Fields (Francis Lawrence was Gidget's real name). I don't know if 'Outdoor Observations' is still something kids learn in school (as I… Continue reading Outdoor Observations – By ‘Francis Lawrence’