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A Long Escape | A CGSP Story

What would it be like to escape after several years? Enjoy this CGSP Short Story, and see what happens... She stumbled over another tree root and braced herself for the fall. Miraculously she managed to stabilise herself, and only wobbled on her feet. The walk seemed endless, and her hair kept swiping over her eyes.… Continue reading A Long Escape | A CGSP Story


Real Life Explosions

Bang! Explosion, fire everywhere and you're knocked on your ass! Okay, okay. I hear you asking, why are we talking about an explosion? In my spy adventures The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles, I had an explosion (Instalment 68 - link below if you want to check it out). I wrote that scene with NO idea what… Continue reading Real Life Explosions



Coffee today, is where I recap the INCREDIBLE music competition that CGSP ran recently.  The talent was Amazing - and I can't wait to share... The highlight video where I went through them all (with a bit more insight into what that means for the story) is below: https://youtu.be/yceXSZQ0hYI If you want a snapshot -… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT Playlist Revealed


Just Keep Playing

“Just put it into the slot!” Evan screamed. I stood, frozen as the sweat fell down my face. This hadn’t been what I had in mind when I suggested a mystery trip holiday. I slipped the small knife–which still dribbled blood onto the floor–into the door’s mail slot and exhaled. It was done. The chilling… Continue reading Just Keep Playing


Escape Room

The large door seemed to tower over Ellie as she sucked in a deep breath. She wasn't one for adventure, especially where an escape wasn't possible, but here she was. How did she let her friends talk her into this ridiculous thing. "Are you ready?" Brian asked, nudging her in the ribs. She shook her… Continue reading Escape Room