i spy in july

Introducing… I SPY, IN JULY!

I Spy, (In July) Something starting with A.... Hey guys! I'm so excited to be introducing something very special that I am naming "I SPY, IN JULY" Check out the video to find out all about it: https://youtu.be/YQD1Aysqolk   >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER Are you as excited as I… Continue reading Introducing… I SPY, IN JULY!

full time part time writer cgsp podcast

Full Time v Part Time Writer | PODCAST

This podcast episode, I'm talking Part Time v Full Time writer! I've been on both sides (thanks to Covid) and I'm sharing my thoughts... This BONUS CGSP: First Book Journey PODCAST episode, is going to share about the pros and cons of being a Full Time writer, and being a Part Time writer. What was… Continue reading Full Time v Part Time Writer | PODCAST


The ULTIMATE Prank…?

"As she ducked behind an abandoned information counter, Hannah set herself up as if she worked there and sighed. “You know I think this is a ridiculous idea right?” Zeke asked through their communication earwigs. “Maybe, maybe not. The brain is an interesting maze,” Hannah said quietly as two pilots passed her on the tarmac."… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Prank…?


Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)

"New shoes?” “That’s what it says.” Emma looked up and frowned. They were in Aimee Park and they were already losing light. “How are we going to find those, when the shops are over an hour away? We only have thirty minutes left.” Stacey shrugged. “Guess we move on to the next item on the… Continue reading Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)


Into the Chopper…?

"Why yes, I'd love to just jump into that flying sardine can above the city with no possible escape. I've forgotten all those times we've tried to kill each other. It's all good - let's go!" That sounds like the most ridiculous and illogical statement i've ever heard; and Yet, it's just what Hannah Carmichael and… Continue reading Into the Chopper…?