The ULTIMATE Prank…?

“As she ducked behind an abandoned information counter, Hannah set herself up as if she worked there and sighed.
“You know I think this is a ridiculous idea right?” Zeke asked through their communication earwigs.
“Maybe, maybe not. The brain is an interesting maze,” Hannah said quietly as two pilots passed her on the tarmac.”

Okay, maybe we’re not all pulling pranks like pretending to work at an airport (because that would be illegal!), BUT I did want to ask a VERY important question.

I’ve NEVER been one for pranks. I Don’t enjoy being on the receiving end (but who does), but I Don’t enjoy the other side either. Call me a party pooper (many have already done so throughout my life), but I don’t find ‘messing with someone’ – and lying to them in order to have a joke at their expense – fun.

HOWEVER, I can appreciate Watching a good natured prank from afar (very afar).
As my example from a recent Hannah Carmichael instalment shows above, her prank was ULTIMATE stakes. Going to prison, being forced to leave where her mission was located, etc. and she got away with it!

200 (1)

I’d LOVE to know what your BEST prank was, and if you got away with it, or told got away with it without consequences?

If you want to check out the Hannah Carmichael instalment from above, head to this link:

See You in The Adventures!

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