The ULTIMATE Prank…?

"As she ducked behind an abandoned information counter, Hannah set herself up as if she worked there and sighed. “You know I think this is a ridiculous idea right?” Zeke asked through their communication earwigs. “Maybe, maybe not. The brain is an interesting maze,” Hannah said quietly as two pilots passed her on the tarmac."… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Prank…?



Your Briefing: Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who was trying to take down CGT - the evil spy agency, which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down, and roped Hannah (and her fellow agent and best friend, Stephanie) into the fight. Hannah's mother Evelyn… Continue reading WHAT NOW (HCC 68)


Airport Security (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction Take place in an airport. Have fun reading this - Very short one so Enjoy!   AIRPORT SECURITY The clock ticking was deafening and he raised his hand, checking his watch. It had been too long. The airport outside the security office was buzzing but he couldn’t focus. Eric took a deep… Continue reading Airport Security (Furious Fiction)