Airport Security (Furious Fiction)


Take place in an airport. Have fun reading this – Very short one so Enjoy!



The clock ticking was deafening and he raised his hand, checking his watch.
It had been too long.
The airport outside the security office was buzzing but he couldn’t focus.
Eric took a deep breath and tapped his foot. The jiggle of the doorknob made him jump and he turned. Karen was slumped over as she looked up, her eyes sorrowful.

“It was empty,” Karen said, falling into a chair.
“What?” Eric felt his heart beat faster and he stood,
“I just bought those donuts.”
Karen shrugged and spun in her chair to watch the monitors. Eric growled and sat back down, the spring in his chair hitting his back.
Karen tapped Eric’s shoulder and he looked over to the monitors.
“Hey, check it out,” She said, zooming in on a couple at Gate 5. “She’s going to cry,” Karen grinned and raised her eyebrows.
“Nah,” Eric said, swatting his hand.

“Ten bucks?” Karen zoomed in further and tilted her head.
“Deal.” Eric said, watching as the couple embraced.
The woman reached up and wiped her eyes and Eric cursed under his breath, handing over ten dollars.


– Thanks for Reading this Furious Fiction by Christy Grace
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