Flying Tin Can?

"Excuse me stewardess, is this plane safe?" "Of course, we've just hit some turbulence." "Is that because there's a problem with the right phalange?" I've been in plenty of aeroplanes (and one of which I co-piloted.. sort of.. in a test flight to fly it). When you're a kid, you don't think too much about… Continue reading Flying Tin Can?



Your Briefing: Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who was trying to take down CGT - the evil spy agency, which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down, and roped Hannah (and her fellow agent and best friend, Stephanie) into the fight. Hannah's mother Evelyn… Continue reading WHAT NOW (HCC 68)


Animal Cruelty (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction A hijacking plan? Check out this Furious Fiction from May 2019 - Enjoy!   ANIMAL CRUELTY “Highjacking a plane? Isn’t that a little extreme?” Samantha asked, crossing her arms. Andrew rolled his eyes, “We need to get the attention of the Mayor, and all those other government stooges.” He stepped away from… Continue reading Animal Cruelty (Furious Fiction)