Flying Tin Can?

“Excuse me stewardess, is this plane safe?”
“Of course, we’ve just hit some turbulence.”
“Is that because there’s a problem with the right phalange?”

I’ve been in plenty of aeroplanes (and one of which I co-piloted.. sort of.. in a test flight to fly it). When you’re a kid, you don’t think too much about the plane possibly falling out of the sky and ending up in a fiery death on the ground (or a watery grave). Yes, you watched the security briefing ‘in case of an emergency’ etcetera; but it isn’t something you consider as a REAL option.

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As an adult, we can tend to be a bit more skeptical. We notice things that kids don’t (like odd sounds in the engine, or a slight drop in the flight attendant’s demeanour). Sometimes, despite the statistics that it’s safer than driving, we are scared to get into a plane and travel even the span of an hour!

The idea that a plane could so easily catch fire is disconcerting (even to myself – who isn’t afraid of flying at all). When Hannah Carmichael (super spy) and her team faced a plane on fire – in fact an explosion that knocked them on their butts – it would have been a day at the office for them. For us, it would be once in a lifetime to see.

Planes – they tell you – are safe. But are you still afraid of flying?
Have you been on a flight where something almost went wrong, or did??
Share your experience in the comments.


If you want to see what Hannah and her team did in the face of a plane explosion, check out the instalment below:

What Now? – Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (68)

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