Animal Cruelty (Furious Fiction)


A hijacking plan? Check out this Furious Fiction from May 2019 – Enjoy!



“Highjacking a plane? Isn’t that a little extreme?” Samantha asked, crossing her arms.
Andrew rolled his eyes, “We need to get the attention of the Mayor, and all those other government stooges.” He stepped away from the airport blueprints and picked up his lunch. The mayonnaise was dripping down his hand, but he ignored it as he checked their camera set up. This hadn’t been Sam’s idea. She had wanted a more subtle approach, but Andrew always went for the big ideas.

“Maybe we should just rob a bank,” She said. Andrew spun, scowling at her.
“What kind of message would that send? We’re not fighting the economic crisis, we’re standing against the animal cruelty of this state. That plane is carrying animals across the state border for testing.” Andrew turned and shoved the last of his sandwich in his mouth, bending to fix a light.
“But blowing up a plane would mean mayhem. Not to mention all those innocent animals on board.”
Andrew groaned, then looked back at her, his eyes softer this time, “Sam, this will send a message and save the future animals, which are destined to be tortured and killed anyway. It’s for the greater good.” He nodded and sat on the chair which was facing the camera. Samantha sighed and moved into her position as camera operator, pushing the record button.

Andrew sat straighter and cleated his throat, “To my dismay, the mayor has done nothing about the cruel treatment of animals in this state. Despite our protests and warnings, he has still not stepped in-”
A loud explosion shook the ground and Samantha ducked down, looking up for falling debris. Distant sirens started getting closer and Andrew ran to the window, his eyes growing wide. As Samantha peered out, she saw a large cloud of smoke above a blazing fire, in the building down the street.

“Is that the cosmetic lab?” She asked, her ears still blocked from the noise. Andrew scrunched his nose and frowned.
“Someone beat us, they took out the laboratory,” He said, his voice still muffled. He started pacing and Sam exhaled, relief setting in.
“It’s a Sunday, so nobody would have been in there,”She said, sitting on the couch in the corner, smiling.
Andrew rolled his eyes and clicked off the camera. “Yup. Guess we don’t need this anymore,” He spun and walked away, leaving his plans where they were, as the sounds of sirens grew closer.


Thanks for reading this Furious Fiction from May 2019 by Christy Grace
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