Into the Chopper…?

“Why yes, I’d love to just jump into that flying sardine can above the city with no possible escape. I’ve forgotten all those times we’ve tried to kill each other. It’s all good – let’s go!”

That sounds like the most ridiculous and illogical statement i’ve ever heard; and Yet, it’s just what Hannah Carmichael and her team did at the end of Instalment 70.


Why? Why would you do that? The enemy inside the helicopter was surely going to kill you over the water near the city and shove you out, right?
For Hannah, she wanted answers, and something in her gut told her it was okay.

For me, however, I don’t know if I would have quite that much trust that an enemy of mine would have MY best interest at heart when they scooch over and pat the seat next to them.

Sometimes it doesn’t look like we have another option, except to jump into the unknown – or the known which seems dangerous – with the outcome something we can only Hope, ends up okay.

What’s the ‘Helicopter Pilot’ in your life that you don’t want to jump into, but have no other options?
Is it that Job that will give you money to support yourself and your family, but give you no fulfilment?
Is it that relationship with a family member or potential spouse, which you know isn’t good for YOU, but you can’t step away without them falling apart on their own?

Whether your helicopter holds potential, or toxicity, sometimes taking the risk will work out (maybe that job will lead to the one you really want), but sometimes we get thrown out of the ‘sardine can’ and into the water below (maybe your relationship is damaging you more, than it is saving someone else).
When it comes down to making a decision, I hope you decide what’s worth the risk (just like Hannah did).

If you want to check out the FINAL HCC instalment for SEASON 1 – head to the link:

See You in The Adventures!

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