A Long Escape | A CGSP Story

What would it be like to escape after several years? Enjoy this CGSP Short Story, and see what happens…

She stumbled over another tree root and braced herself for the fall. Miraculously she managed to stabilise herself, and only wobbled on her feet.
The walk seemed endless, and her hair kept swiping over her eyes. The dirty mane complimented her clothes and skin. After goodness knows how long in that dingy basement, with no windows, she knew she wasn’t at her best. There hadn’t been any sense of night or day, no radio or tv to pass the time and gather a general idea. She could have been missing for two days, or two years.

Finally, through the glint of the sun, the woman spotted what looked like a town in the distance. She pushed legs faster and started an awkward, tiring run. A rumbling behind her gave her pause, and she spun to face a strange looking car. The ones she’d remembered had looked different than this. She waved her arms above her head and the car slowed. When it reached the side of the road where she was still frantically waving, the window on the driver’s side whooshed down and a man’s face frowned at her.

“Are you okay?”
“Please, what date is it?” she croaked out. He gave her a puzzled look, then waved his hand in the air and the window whooshed back up. He squealed away from her, and she chased after the strange car until it zipped too far ahead of her. She cursed to herself as she doubled over and inhaled deep breaths.

When she’d recovered, the woman continued the walk towards the town ahead. What was that man’s problem? All she did was ask the date. Was that so crazy?
Finally reaching the outskirts of the town, she walked slowly past the unusual structures. They were all made of plaster on the outside; like inside walls. People were bustling across the street, and lights with three colours flicked on and off at various times. More of the unusual cars passed her, as she continued walking.

Stares from various people met her own gaze, but people were giving her a wide berth. Finally, someone began to approach her. The woman was dressed in slick black pants, and a tight-fitting white t-shirt, her black, curly hair falling down her back. Her makeup reminded the woman of Cleopatra, but she smiled anyway as the woman approached her.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“What’s the date? Where am I?”


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The other woman frowned, then shook her head and helped her to a nearby bench.
“It’s 2023. You’re in Victoria.”
Returning the frown, she pushed her hair out of her face and shook her head. “It can’t be. It was just 2003.”
In front of her, the woman’s eyes went wide and she quickly glanced around her, motioning wildly as she spotted a man in a suit.
Instead of waiting, she stood and bolted away from the Cleopatra woman and the suited man. Rushing away, she bumped into people and ignored their shouts for her to watch where she was going.
This couldn’t be happening. Twenty years?

As she approached a small shop, she passed the window and froze. It was her own reflection. A strange woman stared back. No longer a sixteen-year-old, her face was older and more weathered. Her hair had grown much longer than she remembered, but she’d already guessed that. Her dirty, older appearance took her breath away.
Behind her, someone cleared his throat and she turned to face a man in a police uniform.
“Are you okay Ma’am?” he asked, his hand resting close to what looked like a strange gun.
She shook her head. “I just escaped. I was kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for a long time.”

The policeman clicked on his radio and asked for backup, before wrapping a hand around her shoulder and motioning her towards the strange looking police car behind them.
“Come on, we’ll get you sorted out.”
She breathed out a sigh of relief. Maybe he’d be able to take her home.
“What’s your name?” The policeman asked.
She shook her head. “It’s been so long since someone’s used it. I honestly don’t remember.”


I hope you enjoyed this little story! If you want more, I release something new every week!
People go missing every day. They are taken, used and abused, and don’t get their story told. If you suspect someone has been abducted – report it. 

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