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Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY

Where does all the magic happen? And by magic, I mean the staring endlessly at screens and pages of words that eventually end up a jumble... Any who, this I SPY, IN JULY video is taking you on a tour of my new house! I hope you enjoy all the random superhero memorabilia, and quirks… Continue reading Welcome To My House | I SPY, IN JULY


Working From Home: Pros and Cons

With the shift this year in more people working from home, I have been one of the lucky few to experience this. My main day job is school photography, and with all the shut downs of schools, we haven't been able to get out there for most of the year! So when restrictions in VIC… Continue reading Working From Home: Pros and Cons


Wasting Time on Social Media

More and more, our lives are online. Especially right now with being in lockdown and trying to stop the spread of something which is dangerous to everyone. During this time, i've found myself going down rabbit holes, getting hooked into a cycle and a loop of Social Media blackouts. When I come too, it's been… Continue reading Wasting Time on Social Media