The PERILS of Online Shopping

Online shopping can be good... but it can also be BAD! That's what I've recently discovered... Check out the video below: >>>Get a copy of my ebook KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here I hope you enjoyed the video. See You in The Adventures! See You in The Adventures! You can check out my blog feed for… Continue reading The PERILS of Online Shopping


What’s In a Name?

"What about EthelLu" "EthelLu? No, you need something that rolls off the tongue" "Like what?" "Well, LucyEth" As much as I LOVE Lucy Ricardo and her crazy ideas and schemes, she is one thousand percent WRONG. LucyEth does NOT roll off the tongue. They had an interesting dilemma in this episode though, what was the… Continue reading What’s In a Name?


Face in The Crowd (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction This month - Take Place in Supermarket, Have a two word first sentence, have Something breaking - Enjoy!   FACE IN THE CROWD I froze. My covert camera was falling and the subject of my investigation was staring at me. I gave him a brief smile then turned, picking up a packet of bread… Continue reading Face in The Crowd (Furious Fiction)