Face in The Crowd (Furious Fiction)


This month – Take Place in Supermarket, Have a two word first sentence, have Something breaking – Enjoy!



I froze.
My covert camera was falling and the subject of my investigation was staring at me. I gave him a brief smile then turned, picking up a packet of bread rolls and placing them into my decoy shopping basket. The subject gave a small nod of recognition then returned to selecting his waffles.

I quickly adjusted the camera which was disguised as a pen in my pocket, then casually moved further down the aisle.
As the subject continued browsing, I watched carefully for signs that his back injury was exaggerated. When he bent down to the lowest shelf with ease, I smiled.

That was the most exciting part of this job. When I signed up for being an investigator, I was sure it would be solving crimes with the police and catching out cheating spouses. Unfortunately, the most exciting part of surveillance work was catching someone exaggerating on an insurance claim.

When the subject moved into another aisle, I calmly followed at a discreet distance.
As I turned the corner, I felt my heart beating faster.
It was her.

I looked left and right, then tried to plan my escape. Where could I go? I needed to get footage of the subject, but if She saw me, my cover would be blown.
Slowly I backed up and hid half of my body at the edge of the aisle. I pulled the covert camera from its place in my pocket and angled it better.
Why was she here? How did she know my subject?

I poked my head in and out and watched as they talked. My heart beat faster and faster as I watched her touch his arm and play with her hair.
I was about to go back to my car and wait for the subject there, when I saw it.
She moved in closer and he didn’t stop her. Their lips collided and I felt my jaw drop without permission. I stared, unable to look away.

The sound of someone clearing their throat behind me, made me almost drop my shopping basket and I turned. A tall man with a staff shirt on was standing with his arms crossed and his foot tapping. I tried to smile then looked back at them, still kissing.
“That was my…” my voice trailed off and the guy gave me a sympathetic smile. He motioned towards the exit and I nodded.
“Thank you for choosing…” His voice faded away as I walked back to my car.
I would never tell her. She would never know that my heart was broken.
After all, I was just another anonymous face in the crowd.


– Thanks for Reading this Furious Fiction by Christy Grace
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