It’s My BIRTHDAY – Or Is It Yours?

Possible blog post about how everybody’s you’re actually starts on a different day because it starts on their birthday

I had an epiphany!

It’s my Birthday today (Happy Birthday to me), and being the over-thinker and decision analyser I am, I had a thought.

We start the year on January 1st right? WRONG! We start the year on our Birthdays. The world calendar may begin on January 1st, but MY official 2020 starts TODAY!

birthday cat.gif

So, as I begin the year 2020, I am looking to a better year than 2019. With less coronavirus cases, less lockdowns and more positivity.

Let’s keep moving forward, and in MY 2020, my book will be published.
This year is an ‘iso birthday’ for sure, but it’s actually been the BEST one I’ve had so far in 5 years. All the love, all the surprises, and all the joy that should come when you mark the start of a new year.

I’ll be posting a vlog on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL in the next few days of my birthday adventures – iso style. 

What was the best Birthday you’ve ever had? COMMENT below and share your birthday joy with me 😀

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