My Fav Emoji’s

Communication has apparently gone backwards – to the time of hieroglyphics that Everyone just… understands. In this century though, we call them ‘Emojis’

Emoji’s are just part of every day communication if you’re texting or sending messages. Especially if you’re under 30 – it’s how we’re expressing things that ONLY seem to make sense in a little picture.

So, I put together a list of the emoji’s that I use, and think are the BEST ones:


Download Heart Eyes Emoji Icon | Emoji Island

I love this one to express how much I LOVE something and feel it all the way to my heart


The 'tears of joy' emoji is the worst of all – it's used to gloat about human suffering | Abi Wilkinson | The Guardian

I often find myself laughing A LOT – and this one is just perfect for when I find something hysterical


Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes Emoji (U+1F60A)

Everyone should smile more!


Emojis Transparent Png - Party Emoji Png | Transparent PNG Download #50383 - Vippng

It seems often there’s something to celebrate – so I’m right there too


Premier javascript effects library and lightbox clone - Floatbox

Sometimes, we all need a little prayer – or to convey thanks to whoever we’re messaging

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Heart emojis meaning: A guide to using the symbols and when to use them

Sometimes, just a Heart says it all


Thumbs Up Emoji (U+1F44D)

A quick and easy way to say so many things – like yes, thanks, good, agree etc.


Tongue Out Emoji with Tightly Closed Eyes | Tongue out emoji, Tongue emoji, Emoji

For when I’m being cheeky, silly or just dumb


😴 Sleeping Face Emoji — Meaning In Texting, Copy & Paste 📚

I find myself sleepy a lot, so this one comes in handy


Loudly Crying Face Emoji (U+1F62D)

Life isn’t always full of positive, sometimes it’s okay to cry when things are hard


The Face Palm Emoji Is Here To Express What Words Just Cannot Even

I can be really dumb sometimes – so I find myself using this one quite a bit too


I would never use these emoji’s in a book, but I do love using them in messages. Which ones do you use that I missed? Share in the comments below!


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See You in The Adventures!

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