A New Normal?

Life right now is unlike anything I had ever thought would happen. I'm only 26, so I wasn't around for some of the other disasters over the years - like WW2 or the Spanish Flu epidemic. Imagine my surprise, when something like Covid-19 happened during my lifetime. Jobs are different; spending time together is different;… Continue reading A New Normal?


Mechanical Issue (Fiction)

DeeDee searched her purse again, the frown lines deepening on her forehead. She knew she had left her keys in that side pocket, but they were nowhere to be found. With a frustrated groan, DeeDee tipped the entire bag upside down on the cafe table, searching through the contents. "Are you okay DeeDee?" Andrea, her best… Continue reading Mechanical Issue (Fiction)


Everybody PANIC… Oh wait….

These are Ridiculous times; silly times; confusing times; times where we're all at a loss of sanity, health and toilet paper.... Thanks to a new virus - COVID-19 - Panic seems to be the go to reaction for most people (especially when it comes to groceries) BUT why is it happening? Why is it, that… Continue reading Everybody PANIC… Oh wait….