Everybody PANIC… Oh wait….

These are Ridiculous times; silly times; confusing times; times where we’re all at a loss of sanity, health and toilet paper….

Thanks to a new virus – COVID-19 – Panic seems to be the go to reaction for most people (especially when it comes to groceries) BUT why is it happening?

Why is it, that the go to is panic? No, we aren’t in control of this right now, so maybe people are wanting to have control over SOMETHING in their lives.

People are walking around with masks over their face, gloves on their hands, trolleys full of toilet paper and pasta, and avoiding everyone else like they have a plague that the likelihood is, they don’t.

FEAR is ruling the day right now, but why? Why are we scared/panicked/concerned about something that MOST PEOPLE who contract it, DON’T DIE! We’re freaking out right now, and I don’t see the value in it!

Keeping calm, keeping hygienic, and keeping a mind for those who are struggling (with normal health issues, with mental health issues, with money – before staff have been sent home, or in the arts/events industries cancelled shows).

This is the time, more than any other, where we need to remember what’s really important, and remember to keep peace in our homes, our hearts and in our countries.

MUCH Blessings for a SAFE, Financially Secure, and PEACEFUL few weeks/months for you all!

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