Mechanical Issue (Fiction)

DeeDee searched her purse again, the frown lines deepening on her forehead. She knew she had left her keys in that side pocket, but they were nowhere to be found. With a frustrated groan, DeeDee tipped the entire bag upside down on the cafe table, searching through the contents. "Are you okay DeeDee?" Andrea, her best… Continue reading Mechanical Issue (Fiction)


Santa Clause is Missing!

You better watch out, You better not cryYou better not pout, I'm telling you whySanta Clause is co----"STOP, Police! You're under arrest!"  Santa Clause, illegal you say? What, how could this be?? Recently, as a part of my Furious Fiction Flashbacks, I included one which I cooked up called THE SANTA DETECTION AGENCY (Link at… Continue reading Santa Clause is Missing!