Santa Detection Agency (Furious Fiction)


With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to dig this little story from my December 2018 furious fiction.
In a world where Santa is no longer welcome, see what he does – Enjoy!



Trash littered the streets below as Nicholas glanced out the window. He had to be careful. The Santa Detection Agency was out in full force tonight.
It was Christmas Eve after all.
Nicholas readjusted the now empty present bag on his shoulder and quietly made his way to the door. He had made his last delivery, but he still had to make it out without getting caught.

He smiled. Another year of delivering presents to children for Christmas day complete, despite the wanted posters. Nicholas frowned; he hated those posters. They just couldn’t get his nose right.
After the last war, Santa Clause had been branded a criminal and Nicholas had to rely on only a few to help him.
He checked his watch. The display read 11:55pm 24 December 2068. Five minutes to make it to his sleigh two blocks down.

Nicholas looked up and down the street and nodded to his lookout on the nearby porch. The old man motioned that all was clear.
His long white beard and protruding belly made Nicholas nostalgic. No longer could he don the red suit and white beard, having to camouflage himself.
Nicholas moved out of the doorway and into the street.
“Santa,” the man whispered with a wistful smile as he passed him.
Nicholas smiled back and moved swiftly, reaching into his pocket to retrieve his encrypted phone. As he hit Speed Dial 1, Nicholas pushed himself close against the nearby building.

Sirens. He’d heard Sirens.
The call clicked through and Nicholas lowered his voice.
“Bernard?” He hissed into the phone.
“Santa?” The Head Elf spoke a hushed tone and Nicholas stood still for a moment. When the Sirens grew louder he took off in a sprint, the phone close to his ear.
“We have a Code Blue!” Nicholas yelled into the phone.
“SDA?” Bernard asked, his voice louder. Nicholas puffed as he picked up his speed, the sirens catching up.
“That’s what Code Blue means Bernard.” Nicholas yelled, turning a corner.

His sleigh was still a block away and Nicholas couldn’t outrun a car.
“Locking onto your GPS coordinates now Santa,” Bernard’s voice sounded distant as Nicholas lowered the phone.
“Santa Clause.” The speaker on the police car was filled with static as the officer barked through it still a fair way back, “This is the SDA, please surrender.”
Nicholas ignored their orders and kept running. Sounds of bullets flying behind him propelled him further.

A whirring above him stirred up the dirt and Nicholas halted. Looking up, he watched his sleigh land quickly. The police were setting up a barricade as Nicholas boarded his sleigh. Bernard nodded to him and slid over to the passenger seat.
Nicholas frowned as he fumbled with the gears. With all the new technology, he still managed to have the only ‘manual sleigh’ in the world. As he shifted into the right gear, he smiled at his faithful sleigh. The police below watched helpless as it was gone in a flash.

Thanks for reading this Furious Fiction from 2018 by Christy Grace
Check out the ADVENTURES page for more great stories and the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! 

8 thoughts on “Santa Detection Agency (Furious Fiction)”

  1. You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write.

    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t
    afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


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    1. Hey there. I’m not sure if that’s on my end, or if you have to change it on yours 😦 I can look into it for you though and see if that’s something I can do 😀


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