Santa Clause is Missing!

You better watch out, You better not cry
You better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Clause is co—-
“STOP, Police! You’re under arrest!” 

Santa Clause, illegal you say? What, how could this be??

Recently, as a part of my Furious Fiction Flashbacks, I included one which I cooked up called
THE SANTA DETECTION AGENCY (Link at the end of this post)
It follows the idea of Santa Clause (yes, he exists in this universe… oops, hope no kids are reading….) if it was illegal to be him. No breaking and entering by coming down chimneys, no commerce without permits or equal pay for elves by making toys, and no keeping lists of all the kids in the world (which, when you think about it is kind of creepy anyway – stranger danger!).

To see how that world (in my mind anyway) shakes out, check out the story (link at the end of this post), but in the meantime, I was thinking more about this Santa Clause situation and I had some NEW ideas about what the world would look like in a different universe with Good old Saint Nick (and YES, the story originated from a real person – Saint Nicholas – but we may revisit that another day).

What would the world look like WITHOUT Santa Clause – At All!
As if he never existed; someone went back in time and refused to acknowledge the legend he was born on, the man who died in the year 343AD.
Do you think the world would look different?

What would happen to all the commercial outlets, would Christmas even exist the way we know it now. There would be no Santa cards or hats, no reindeer in the yard and certainly no elvish mischief (unless you like Lord of the Rings, then you have elvish mischief all year round).

Here’s an alternate version of Christmas morning, without the Holly Jolly gift giver.

—–Ella ran downstairs and stumbled into the living room. It looked the same as any other Christmas day; the large Pine Tree was in the corner of the house with the lights twinkling and the smell of bacon and eggs was already wafting from the kitchen. She looked down at the bottom of the tree and smiled as the nativity scene sat proudly in front of four neatly wrapped gifts.
“Merry Christmas Ella,” her mother said behind her. Ella turned and gave her mum a big hug then rushed to the tree, carefully reaching behind the nativity and to the presents behind. The four presents were labelled Ella, Simon, Mum, and Dad and she carefully laid them out on the coffee table. As both parents and her younger brother joined her in the living room, they all said a Christmas prayer, then her mother picked up her very special present box with a silver bow on top. “Merry Christmas Ella, we love you,” she said as she placed the treasured gift into Ella’s hand.
Ella unwrapped the small box and shrieked as she saw the grown up golden bangle inside. She reached up and wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck, then her father’s, “Thank you. Merry Christmas!”

I think it’s fair to say that Christmas would be different – but would it be that much of an inconvenience? We celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons, birth of Christ, remembering the year before and looking to the year ahead, coming together with those we love and giving and receiving tokens of the love we have for one another.

Yes, Santa can be fun, but how would you react to a Christmas more like the one above?
Let me know in the Comments and head over to the CGSP Facebook page to let us know what you think too!

To see the original story ‘THE SANTA DETECTION AGENCY’ where Santa does exist, and tries to continue his traditions in spite of the illegality see the link below:

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Much Love

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