Frankie Walter Peta | Cafe Review

When I found out there was a cute little cafe near my apartment, and that it included a BOOK BORROW LIBRARY WALL, I was trying it… no matter what!

Now, before anyone considers trying to work out where I live (all sixty of you! I see you there…) I am moving soon, and that’s why I decided to do a review BEFORE it was too late!

In terms of this particular cafe, it was good coffee and a great atmosphere. The books are always changing, and I love to not only borrow but help out with books that I no longer want but know that someone else would treasure. I would give this place four stars if it was out of five – it was just a bit small for me… gotta get that claustrophobia under control guys!

In general, I think (make that KNOW FOR A FACT) that we need more cafe’s like this. In Melbourne. In the world. In the galaxy. This is an absolute essential if you ask me. Cafe’s in the area should take a page out of FWP’s book – if you bring the books, they will come!

Cafe’s are the perfect place to have books to read, art to look at and soft music that doesn’t overpower conversation. It’s just the right kind of feel, with a touch of greenery and cushy chairs.

If you live in Melbourne, and want to find a cafe that has a cool feel, a book wall to peruse and borrow from without a library card or late fees – this is it. So, head on down if you want otherwise let me know of another great cafe in your area!

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

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