Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST

I'm not just a writer, I dabble in various creative forms (like music, photography and painting). Because I wanted to bring some of myself into my writing, and do something fun with my book, I've created some quirks. Music is a huge part of my life, so I managed to involve it somehow. How, you… Continue reading Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST


Meet My Characters (PART TWO)

Last time we went over the two women who were kidnapped, and some of their abductors. Today, I want to share the family and people they left behind. The information about Aaron, Tony, Sean, G and M is on this podcast episode, where more about the story is revealed through these introductions. Who are they?… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART TWO)


Meet My Characters (PART ONE)

I wanted to introduce YOU to the major players in my first book - Kidnapped Entanglement. The latest podcast episode which was released, gives you information about Jaz, Megan, S, W and J. Who are they? What part do they have in the story? You'll have to check out the podcast episode >>> here I… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART ONE)


My 1st Book – Title & Story

Finally, I'm able to share more about my very first book! The latest CGSP: First Book Journey podcast episode reveals what the story is, how it came to be where it is now, and what it's called! I'm so excited to share it with you - it's been a long time coming. I can't wait… Continue reading My 1st Book – Title & Story


Where For Art Thou Business Card

Business card, business card; where for art thou business card. A while ago I sent away for my first ever business cards - and they were AMAZING. I felt super professional and it was a great step forward in my writing career. Now if I pass you on the street, I can hand you a card and you know that I'm legit!