My First “Book Signing” | CGSP Podcast

I'm talking about my first 'book signing' as such in this weeks podcast episode.  To listen to the podcast episode, head >>> here  With only a few episodes left, we're swiftly coming to the conclusion of the CGSP: First Book Journey podcast, but there is a lot more still to come! So check back every… Continue reading My First “Book Signing” | CGSP Podcast


My Book, First Look & Pre-Sales | PODCAST

Okay, so the Podcast still has a few more episodes to come, and this time I get to chat about something I was SUPER excited for... Getting the first look of my book. I go over what it was like to see my book, and the entire snafu of 'pre-sales' - the idea, verses the reality! … Continue reading My Book, First Look & Pre-Sales | PODCAST