Meet My Characters (PART TWO)

Last time we went over the two women who were kidnapped, and some of their abductors. Today, I want to share the family and people they left behind. The information about Aaron, Tony, Sean, G and M is on this podcast episode, where more about the story is revealed through these introductions. Who are they?… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART TWO)


Meet My Characters (PART ONE)

I wanted to introduce YOU to the major players in my first book - Kidnapped Entanglement. The latest podcast episode which was released, gives you information about Jaz, Megan, S, W and J. Who are they? What part do they have in the story? You'll have to check out the podcast episode >>> here I… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART ONE)

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What’s In A Name?

Who are the major players in my first book - Kidnapped Entanglement? Next week, my latest podcast episode will share about some of the incredible people I've been hanging out with over the last few years... Here's a SNEAK PEEK to the episode: You can also listen on Soundcloud, and keep your eyes peeled… Continue reading What’s In A Name?