Where For Art Thou Business Card

Business card, business card; where for art thou business card.

A while ago I sent away for my first ever business cards – and they were AMAZING.

I felt super professional and it was a great step forward in my writing career. Now if I pass you on the street, I can hand you a card and you know that I’m legit!

So, because I was super psyched to get the cards, I made sure to capture the moment I opened them on video (along with my very supportive Dog – Rosie).

It’s been a while since I officially opened the cards, but I finally had a chance to sit down and clip the video together and post it to the CGSP Facebook page!

So, without further ado – to see my rambling commentary as I open the business cards in the Photo attached to this post, follow this link to find the video on the Facebook page:

While you’re there, Like the page, share it with people – if only to show them my incredible Pizza socks!

Thanks for the Love and Support so far, enjoy!

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