What’s Next? | CGSP Podcast FINAL

It's hard to say goodbye, but here we are! I'm chatting about the end of the first book journey, and what's next for me now. Head to the link below to hear all the goss:  WHAT'S NEXT?   Thanks for going on this journey with me - you can still listen to ALL the episodes… Continue reading What’s Next? | CGSP Podcast FINAL


Are Book Trailers Worth The Hype? | CGSP Podcast

Book Trailers seem to be 'in' when it comes to releasing a book. But are they really worth the effort, money, and promotions for selfpub authors?  I'm exploring JUST THAT in the latest (BONUS) CGSP First Book Journey Podcast episode >>>here   >>>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER This episode is… Continue reading Are Book Trailers Worth The Hype? | CGSP Podcast


My Book, First Look & Pre-Sales | PODCAST

Okay, so the Podcast still has a few more episodes to come, and this time I get to chat about something I was SUPER excited for... Getting the first look of my book. I go over what it was like to see my book, and the entire snafu of 'pre-sales' - the idea, verses the reality! … Continue reading My Book, First Look & Pre-Sales | PODCAST