Secrets Exposed!

“I swear, I don’t still sleep with a teddy bear at 23!”

Hmmmm, I’m not sure if that’s something I’d admit on live television with the entire world watching. Unfortunately, for Hannah Carmichael (super spy), that could be a reality. No, not the teddy bear admission, but the existence of the super secret and corrupt spy agency CGT.

Nobody is truly aware of their existence, so exposing something like that is a big deal. Not counting letting the whole world know that you were actually a part of that organisation for several years.

TV GIF | Tv head, Object heads, Tv static

I don’t know how I’d feel about exposing my deepest, darkest secret on television. Perhaps, because I tend to be such an open book, I WOULD end up over sharing…. Scary to consider.

How would you feel about sharing your biggest secret to the whole world?
What would that secret be? Get ahead of the journalist and let us know now instead!
Maybe you put the milk back into the fridge when you know it’s empty. Or maybe you park in a pram park when you don’t have kids….
Share With Me 😀


If you want to see Hannah Carmichael dealing with this, you can check it out at the link below:

Guns To Aquire – Hannah Carmichael (67)


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