Vintage Interests

What does it say about someone who’d rather watch I Love Lucy to Game of Thrones? 
What about listening to Vinyl instead of MP3? 

I don’t care WHAT that says, because the reality is – I LOVE watching I Love Lucy, or popping in one of my 200+ vinyl collections, watching a VHS tape or listening to a cassette tape. It’s all amazing, and different. There’s something different about it; something calming.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the 90s – the age of Walkmans and portable cd players only JUST being released. VHS tapes were still a staple in most homes, and although DVD was making a ferocious head start, they were still the exceptions – not the norm.

GIF vcr season 1 steven universe - animated GIF on GIFER

I grew up on shows like I Love Lucy, Gilligans Island, Get Smart and I Dream of Jeanie. And yeah, we also loved The Nanny and some of the other shows at the time (mostly the cartoons!). Maybe that’s why these shows and movies (good old Doris Day!! Classics!) are still some of my favourite things to watch.

There was something different about them. They were lighter, they were filled with unarguable talent (because you HAD to be a triple threat back in those days) and nothing that you couldn’t sit your kids down in front of. Try letting you children watch something they’re releasing nowadays.
How I Met Your Mother (great show!!) isn’t suitable for a ten year old. Even The Big Bang Theory had a lot of sexual content in it, and wasn’t always accepting of those who are different to yourself (um, Sheldon Cooper come on down).
Great shows, all of them, but the old school movies and tv shows were just a step above.

Gilligans Island GIF - GilligansIsland Gilligan - Discover & Share ...

It’s the same with the music. Back in the day you’d have Unforgettable (Nat King Cole) or any Elvis song (take your pick!). Yeah there was the slow ballads that dealt with heartbreak, but they had substance. The words were poetic and had deep meaning (for the most part – if you exclude songs about hippos for Christmas). There wasn’t swearing, there wasn’t overly sexualised phrases and words and descriptions – it didn’t need it.

my gifs lucille ball i love lucy fred---astaire | I love lucy, I ...

So yes, I love things that some call ‘vintage’ because they’re better.
Do you disagree? Tell me why!!
Do you agree? Share some of your fav ‘vintage’ stuff with me 😀




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