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Mac Vs PC (Classic Debates)

It’s a debate that has been happening since the dawn of time…. Okay maybe not THAT long. But Mac vs PC is one that will continue on until either has either crashed and burned, or taken the other out – sniper style!

I’ll start this post with a clear statement – I am a Mac person.

I grew up using PC computers, back when it wasn’t as easy (or cheap) to get computers like we have now. Back when I was in high school and needed a computer, they were the bulky big screens, and having a laptop was “primo rich person” stuff.

A lot of my workplaces have had PC computers in them, but I remain true to Apple. As soon as I earned enough money to get one, I grabbed it!

ALL of my computers at home are Apple. I have the phone, the watch, the iPad, the laptop and the desktop… (whew! That’s a lot) They were all bought over several decades of course, and usually not the most recent models (because who has that much money!). But there it is. Apple through and through.

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So, why do people debate Mac Vs PC? And what are the main points for each side? Could it maybe sway someone like me to transfer to PC/Windows? Or maybe vice versa? Let’s look at some of the biggest pros and cons for each!


Apple Mac Pros

They tend to be better for creative projects like video or photo editing. That’s thanks to the high powered graphics, and software systems that are made for Mac software which makes those things easy and enjoyable.

How to upgrade to macOS Big Sur – Apple Support (AU)You’re paying for the brand name! Apple is a well known company name, and people tend to trust (regardless love or hate) that they’ll be the ‘geniuses’ when something goes haywire.

There is a greater connectivity between devices. Apple talks to each other in an easy/seamless way that windows/pc operating systems don’t seem to do as well. Your laptop, phone, iPad, and desktop computer can all be linked and share easily between them all!

There are less viruses/malware for Apple. This is usually due to the fact that there are less operating systems out there to target Apple, and Windows tends to have their finger in more pies. Which leads to more possibility of cyber security/health concerns. Your Apple is still susceptible, just for less variants of viruses.

There is a better resale value for Apple computers. People know the brand, and how much these computers are worth. It leads to better value for selling parts, where the PC/Windows computers are less likely to grab those higher dollar prices!

Apple Mac Cons

The price. Apple can be pretty pricy (especially when you are going for the newest models).

There are constant updates, which can outdate older systems. This means your computer will still work from 2006, but you might not be able to enjoy the newer updates and features.

The connection points can be pretty limited and specific (particularly on older models). This makes it difficult sometimes to grab

mac vs pc

PC Windows Pros

There tend to be more software choices for your computer. All kinds of different programs and helpful software systems are created to accomodate a Windows system.

The products are quite often combined, like a laptop that can be a desktop, have a touch screen, then easily go back to a laptop (where Apple has only a Laptop, iPad, and desktop that aren’t interchangeable).

The Best Desktop Computers for 2021 | PCMagThey are usually lower cost (if you don’t consider the very high tech/amazing new designed computers). You can grab a PC/Windows laptop for as little as $300, which is a big comparison to the Apple price tag of $1200 (minimum). It does depend on the system, look and feel, and your purposes.

There are usually more variety when it comes to connection points. It tends to be easier to connect PC/Windows computers to each other, screens and all sorts of cables and external hardware is just easier to hook up.

You can use old software on new computers. Unlike Apple (whose older computers end up running out of options to upgrade to the new software), there is an easier swing when it comes to software upgrades and changes. You could load a 2003 version of Microsoft Office onto your 2021 laptop with really no issues if you wanted to.

PC Windows Cons

The market is flooded with various brands and options. This can make it hard to select the best one for you, and find a gem amongst the clutter. Loads of options to sort through, and unless you speak fluent computernease, it can be a little overwhelming.

There are more malware/viruses that can attack your operating system. As stated above, with Apple there are less systems to work with and sneak in a virus or malware to. PC/Windows are more broad, and used more often – especially in workplaces. So they have more variants of viruses, and more ways to sneak those into your computers.

The operating systems don’t really convert apple to their own. If you wanted to transfer to a PC/Windows computer, or share to someone else who is, it can be quite difficult. Windows can convert (with limited success, I’ll give you that), but an Apple/Mac saved backup, files, or software just doesn’t like to gel with PC/Windows at all.

Well, whether or not we’ll be debating Mac Vs PC until the end of the computer age (if that’s possible), and in the event that none of the companies actually eat each other with only one survivor…. (my bet’s on Apple), which side do you fall on?


Let’s take a tally.. Share in the comments – Apple mac or Windows pc – and we’ll see who the winner is!

See You in The Adventures!

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