What’s Up For 2021?

Okay, so 2020 punched everyone in the face, then kicked our ideas out the window.

But, now we’re here in 2021, and we had a chance to start again. Another year, another set of goals to achieve. Onwards and upwards (and all that inspiration junk).

I don’t quite know how I expected things to go this year, so we’re doing a mid-year evaluation.

check in

I had plans. Good plans.
I was going to submit manuscripts, be sharing and promoting my book, and working in my day job of school photography.
So, let’s run through all the goals that I set for myself for right now – halfway through 2021.

  • I was hoping to have submitted writing to some pretty important places;
  • I wanted to be working on several different manuscripts (in two different genres);
  • I was still planning to work at my day job;
  • Maybe I’d be creating youtube videos and blog posts to share;
  • Hopefully my podcast would be finished… With raving success; and
  • I was going to be researching, and going on new and interesting trips.


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Okay, with all those noble goals, what does 2021 really look like?

  • I missed the deadlines (and realised the manuscript I’m working on needed a lot more changes/work than I originally thought);
  • I decided to cut down to just one manuscript at once (a good decision really);
  • My day job keeps getting put on hold with lockdowns (and I just roll with the punches… so to speak);
  • I’m still doing youtube and blog posts… So yay;
  • I haven’t finished the podcast yet, but I’m almost there. The success part is not exactly a win thought; and
  • I can’t do trips right now due to money and restrictions, but I’m doing some fun research anyway.

Well…. it wasn’t where I saw myself, but I’ll say this for my mid-year 2021 goals check in:

    • I have a new, beautiful house that I don’t deserve;
    • I’m enjoying the videos and blog posts (even if not many people see them);
    • I love having only one major project to focus on (multiple manuscripts make for more confusion!);
    • I’m reading more than I have in years… and loving every minute of it; and
    • I’m aware that I am very blessed.

So, I’ve taken stock of my life and looked at where I thought I’d be verses where I actually am. Things may not look exactly like I thought they would, but I can’t complain about it either.


What does your mid 2021 look like? Are you where you thought you’d end up? Share in the comments

See You in The Adventures!

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