The Book Launch | CGSP Podcast

This podcast episode, I go over the experience of my first books launch! To listen to the podcast episode, head >>> here  The next episode will be all about Book Trailers! So keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.   >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER See You… Continue reading The Book Launch | CGSP Podcast


My First Book Launch | KIDNAPPED Entanglement

My first book was NOTHING like I thought. It wasn’t the story I planned to release first, it wasn’t the quick and easy ride that I had imagined, and the launch event wasn’t what I had planned. As I said in my launch day speech, nothing about this book was easy. But, it was the… Continue reading My First Book Launch | KIDNAPPED Entanglement


A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)

"You're in! We think YOU have potential. Now, give us all the money...."Sound ridiculous? It was. Back when I was still a starry eyed teenager, thinking I could become a STAR (a dream I put to rest once I realised the spotlight was NOT for me!), I went to my first, and only, audition. There was a… Continue reading A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)


The Cake (Furious Fiction)

Enjoy the Furious Fiction from April 2020! I did 😀 The lemon, wedding cake wobbled in my arms. I shifted it, then continued to walk alongside the dirt road. I was still miles from the venue, and the rain from last night was not helping as I sidestepped another puddle. That damn car had always… Continue reading The Cake (Furious Fiction)