My First Book Launch | KIDNAPPED Entanglement

My first book was NOTHING like I thought.

It wasn’t the story I planned to release first, it wasn’t the quick and easy ride that I had imagined, and the launch event wasn’t what I had planned. As I said in my launch day speech, nothing about this book was easy.

But, it was the best experience and accomplishment in my life so far (and that includes flying an aeroplane)!

Putting aside the teething of self publishing (I’ll put up another post on that later), the launch itself was riddled with complications and last minute changes. Partly due to Covid (rude!) and partly because of deadline pushbacks and my own silliness. So, first I’ll share the things that were drama central (they’re usually the most interesting anyway)


Drama GIFs | Tenor


In a quick run down:

  • Venue change 1 month out (my own fault mixed with book delays)
  • Covid restrictions (Covids fault)
  • Not enough setup time (life’s fault)
  • Music device failed (technologies fault)
  • Book wasn’t uploaded onto ANY platform besides my personal website (okay, a little my fault – and the book delays fault)
  • The audiobook was also not ready (moneys fault – I didn’t have enough)
  • Not as many people as I wanted/expected could actually come
  • Packing everything up was exhausting!
  • Stuff that was so small that I can’t even remember properly – like forgetting to get a raffle app on my phone ready to choose the VIP winner (again, technology – and a little my fault)

You’ll notice that I added who I believed was at fault for each delay, but in reality – that’s life! An event always has delays and changes and unforeseen issues. It’s all part of the deal – so take those lightly.

RE: #87 Some People Are So Rich but Poor as well — Steemit

In spite of those issues, and not a huge sale volume, this launch was actually an amazing experience… and here’s why:

  • My book is finally published!
  • People realised that it’s a proper length book and not a novella
  • The decorations looked amazing
  • Our venue was incredible
  • The food was phenomenal (despite the last minute panic!)
  • I got to sign my books for people IRL
  • I made a speech and did a dramatic reading (something I love to do)
  • I got the celebrate with people who really care about me!
  • Passer-by’s came and asked about the book (with one lady walking away with a copy!)
  • I had fun (once the busy work was done)

As an ‘assisted self published‘ author, I now have copies of my book in my car (how cliche haha) and ready to fill orders on my site. I also arranged for the book to go on Amazon and waiting to hear back from some others. I am proud of the book I created, and the launch that introduced it to the world.

No, it wasn’t simple. But I wouldn’t trade it.

If you wanted to hear my speech, it’s up on YouTube (and here’s the link!)

If you want a copy of KIDNAPPED Entanglement – 10% of profits go to A21 to stop modern day slavery and human trafficking.

You can find it in the SHOP page >>>here 

See You in The Adventures!

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