Father Of The Bride | Book Vs Movie

It is kind of surprising HOW MANY movies are actually based on novels. I had no clue that Father of the Bride was based on a book that was released in 1949! I will admit, I have only seen the Steve Martin version of the film, though the earlier make would be fun to watch… Continue reading Father Of The Bride | Book Vs Movie


Ready (Furious Fiction) | CGSP Short Story

Furious Fiction is a short story workout for a writer! I hope you enjoy this CGSP Short Story that was entered in a recent FURIOUS FICTION.   All of my family were out there. I could see them through a small crack that I wedged open in the door. They’re waiting for me. Sweat trickled… Continue reading Ready (Furious Fiction) | CGSP Short Story


The Cake (Furious Fiction)

Enjoy the Furious Fiction from April 2020! I did 😀 The lemon, wedding cake wobbled in my arms. I shifted it, then continued to walk alongside the dirt road. I was still miles from the venue, and the rain from last night was not helping as I sidestepped another puddle. That damn car had always… Continue reading The Cake (Furious Fiction)


The Wedding (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction Please enjoy my Furious Fiction entry for February 2019 below - a wedding with a twist!   THE WEDDING The music started. As I walked, I counted every step carefully. The last thing I needed was to trip in this goofy white dress. The Converse shoes were keeping my feet warm, but… Continue reading The Wedding (Furious Fiction)