The Wedding (Furious Fiction)


Please enjoy my Furious Fiction entry for February 2019 below – a wedding with a twist!



The music started.
As I walked, I counted every step carefully. The last thing I needed was to trip in this goofy white dress. The Converse shoes were keeping my feet warm, but on a 30 degree day it was the last thing I wanted.
Instead I locked my gaze on him. I was so lucky. He looked incredible in his monkey suit. The music started to fade as I watched him, a smile plastered on my face.
I glanced around at the people staring at me. Halfway. All I had to do was make it little further without falling.

He frowned and I felt my chest constricting. Was he disappointed? The minister and bridal party all shared in his expression and I stopped walking.
Sounds came back into focus as my fiancé rushed towards me, yelling. That’s when I heard it.
The gunshot.

Things blurred out of focus as I felt the impact propel me forward. I fell hard onto my stomach and my breath caught. Another shot behind me echoed and I rolled over, trying to breathe again. As I stared at the ceiling screams filled the church as people scrambled to get out unscathed.

Then I saw him hovering over me, a dark smile on his face.
“You were going to get married without me?” He tutted and aimed the gun in my direction. “I thought we meant more to each other.”
I sucked in a breath and waited.
“Hey!” My fiancé’s voice broke through the silence and I whipped my head around. “Step away.” His service revolver was aimed at my ex’s face.
“Back off, or I’ll kill her,” The intruder said. I took in a deep breath, the pain radiating through my shoulder. To my left, the aisle decorations sat just within reach. As the men faced off, I reached out and grabbed a large white candle.

Our intruder turned to see it too late, and fell backwards as it made contact with his face. He cursed and I felt a rush of wind pass by me as my fiancé reached him. I inched up to see him kick the gun away and shout at someone behind me.
As police officers moved swiftly to my ex boyfriend, my fiancé turned and dropped to my side.

He put a hand on my face and smiled softly, “You’re going to be ok.” He said, moving over for the paramedics. As I winced through the pain, I looked over and saw him smile.
“What?” I asked through laboured breaths. He shrugged, a twinkle in his eyes.
“I just always thought it would be my second wedding that would be the dramatic one.”
I laughed and shut my eyes, shaking my head softly, “Second marriage?” I asked as he chuckled.

I opened my eyes and smiled at my future husband.
He leaned in closer and lowered his voice, smiling, “Lucky for me, I get to marry you twice.”


– Thanks for Reading this Furious Fiction by Christy Grace
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