Beach Vibes… Finally! | Travel Blog

I finally made it to a holiday! After two long years of lockdowns and masks, we got a chance to head up to Surfers Paradise in Queensland. I will say, as my first experience in business class on the flight, it was a mixed bag. Loved having the pre-flight lounge with free breakfast and the… Continue reading Beach Vibes… Finally! | Travel Blog

no book spy july

No No Book List | I SPY, IN JULY

There are some things that I will just NEVER do. And that includes a book or two that I won't ever find myself reading - or reading again. Hear about the books I HATED, or that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I won't ever read! >>Check all about my… Continue reading No No Book List | I SPY, IN JULY

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Books I Haven’t Read Yet | I SPY, IN JULY

What happens when a book lover goes wild? They end up with all the books of course! I have way too many books in my bookshelves that I haven't ready yet, and I'm sharing that with all of you. What books made the buying list, but haven't yet made the reading list? I go over… Continue reading Books I Haven’t Read Yet | I SPY, IN JULY

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The Last 5 Books I’ve Read | I SPY, IN JULY

Superpowers, mysterious plagues, and liars... A lovely sounding combination, and luckily for me it comes out of the last 5 books i've read - not my own life. Hear my thoughts on the last five books that i've read in the latest I SPY, IN JULY video!   >>Check all about my book… Continue reading The Last 5 Books I’ve Read | I SPY, IN JULY

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Mystery Books “Unboxing” | I SPY, IN JULY

Interesting, Intense, and Excited... Three of the words that I used A LOT in this mystery books unboxing video 😛 I bought a box of 35-40 randomly selected books, and unboxed them with a camera in the room... What could possibly go wrong? Check out the video where I recorded my first "book" unboxing!  … Continue reading Mystery Books “Unboxing” | I SPY, IN JULY