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Books Of El by Jeff Nesbit (BOOK REPORT)

Okay, we need to chat. I’ve read some pretty great, and some pretty horrible books in my quest to hear the best stories I can. It’s book report time ya’ll!

So, I decided that I’ll share my thoughts on how they hold up with one book a month.

This month, I’m looking back at the magical story in “The Books Of El” The Books of El by Jeff Nesbit

In a basic rundown, the story is about three college students who get mysteriously thrown into another world where magic, and mythical creatures are a reality. They have to go through adventures of their own as they try to find the races like fairies, elves, centaurs, giants and more.


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Fascinating, thought provoking, baffling, and eye opening… Just a few words I could come up with to describe this story.

I’m generally careful with ‘magic’ type books, but I was glad I read this one. It was a great adventure, and there was many a time when I had to stop and ponder things that related to my own thought process, beliefs, and knowledge.


This book really made you think. It started out as a fun adventure in a magical world, but by the last third of the book, it really brought out some interesting points. About life, the way we live, and the things we put importance on, what we are influenced by, and how we let the things of this world cloud not only our judgement, but also our minds and hearts.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

The Writing Style:

I hated the constant head hopping POV. Each chapter bounced around – sometimes only have a few sentences in one characters head, before moving on to another one. It seemed that the majority of a chapter circled around the main characters, but quickly (and often) it would move into the point of view of another one.

I understand why it was done (with all the complexities of the world, characters, and events going on), but for me as a reader, it was utterly confusing, and irked me to no end.
I quickly got used to it though, and adjusted (out of necessity).


The Plot:

I found the premise for this book very interesting. I can say for certain that there was A LOT of research put into this book. Elements from Bible scriptures, ancient legends, and other references was evident. And it paid off big time.

The idea of the story was something that you could consider being (at the very least) a possibility. With all that research and deep thinking that was done behind the scenes, it really made you think about the possibilities.

The ending gave me mixed emotions.
Some elements came to conclusion in a great way, and others felt really flat and anti-climactic. I think it could have been fleshed out a little more, and some characters could have been given a more ‘definite’ ending, but overall it closed pretty much all the loose threads.

The Characters:

The characters were really great, and their individual, and collective journeys felt very authentic and realistic. The character progression felt seamless, and not forced. I felt that Jeff took his time with the journeys, and it was a fantastic decision.


Knowledge is power – right?

Well, that can be true, but power isn’t always what you think it is. It can lead you down some dark paths, and when you finally get to the top, you may not recognise the person looking back in the mirror. What does it look like when you seek nothing but superiority and recognition? Breaking the glass ceiling could come with some consequences for her.

Laura’s character was able to give a woman a powerful personality, with loads of potential, without corrupting her character while she gets there.



Does religion even have a place in this world anymore?

Lost in a drug induced haze, it can be hard to consider the meaning of life. What does it mean to know about all the religions in the world, but still be considering what you, yourself believe? It’s something a lot of us face every day. Is there a God? What does He look like if He is real? Can we trust what we know verses what we feel?

Jon’s character was able to touch on these issues, and find a resolution without being pushy, or trying to convert someone who read the book.



I loved the progression of Samson and his issues with strength and anger.

This is something that a lot of people can get so easily wrapped up in. Revenge verses justice, if you’re feeling “righteous” anger, and seeing injustice around you, but not always being able to do something about it.

Samson’s character looked into all of these things, and did it with a compassionate, and realistic view.

So there you have it. My scattered, random, and hopefully interesting thoughts on The Books of El.

I’ll be digging into another book next month, so get ready for another book report coming soon!


Have you read this book? Or maybe you’re inspired to go and read it now.
Let me know either way in the comments below!

See You in The Adventures!

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