My Physical TBR

This is already WAY out of date, but I had the video ready to go so I decided to post it anyway! I've seen Booktubers posting a bookshelf walkthrough, a Physical TBR and many other creative ways to explain that I basically went through and briefly showed everyone all the books that I still had… Continue reading My Physical TBR

kindle twitter

Kindle Worth It & Twitter Recommendations!

I recently did a call out for Twitter recommendations. I love new books, and I got a solid list to look through, and combined the list with testing out Amazon Kindle!  Check out the video of what books made the list below: >>Get all the info about my book with my NEWSLETTER Have you… Continue reading Kindle Worth It & Twitter Recommendations!

august tbr

My August TBR (To Be Read) List

I am BACK to reading all the books I haven’t just yet. This months August TBR list is exciting! I've tried to give myself an easier goal this month for my TBR list (or "to be read"), so there are 5 books on the list to get through. There's a bit of fantasy, and bit… Continue reading My August TBR (To Be Read) List


MnM Reading Game | October TBR

Delicious Peanut MnM's are deciding my fate! Or, my reading fate anyway...   I saw a cool way to pick my reading list for October, and decided to give it a go! What books made the list? How did the game work out? Check out the video below: >>Get all the info about my Book/Writing… Continue reading MnM Reading Game | October TBR