My Physical TBR

This is already WAY out of date, but I had the video ready to go so I decided to post it anyway!

I’ve seen Booktubers posting a bookshelf walkthrough, a Physical TBR and many other creative ways to explain that I basically went through and briefly showed everyone all the books that I still had in my bookcase that I hadn’t read yet.

I have some fun reads ready to get to, and I have added EVEN MORE to the pile since this video was taken, but it is still the same as the bulk of what I still haven’t read. At the time of this video, my book collection sit somewhere around 130 books, and I hadn’t read about 100 of them… so yeah, I still have quite a ways to go in getting through the books I already own.

The problem is that more amazing books are always coming out and distracting me, so while I share my outdated Physical TBR run through, most of these books are definately still waiting on my shelf for some reading love!

Hope you enjoy seeing the books I have yet to read, and I’ll catch you in the next video!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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