Who is Hannah Carmichael?

Hannah Carmichael (Super spy working with the CGT agency)
Daughter of Evelyn and James Carmichael (Criminal & Believed to be Dead, Respectively)
Wife of Zeke Anderson (Secretly Working for the Government)
Best friend of Stephanie Winchester (Fellow CGT Agent)

If you’ve been following my adventures for a while now, you know who Hannah Carmichael is – but 70 instalments later, maybe you’ve forgotten how we came to where we did with Hannah and the Conspiracy of the CGT spy agency!

Hannah Carmichael’s husband Zeke Anderson (No, they don’t have the same last name, and Yes, that is a thing that people do these days) went missing. Along her way to finding him, Hannah discovers that her mother Evelyn (a criminal on the run), knew where he was.

As she finds him, she realises that not only is he okay, he’s also a part of her world – the spy world. He tells her the beginning of the conspiracy – that her agency CGT is actually working for their own profit, not the good of the country.
Hannah agrees to go back in, but undercover this time, and stop them from the inside.

While trying to expose CGT, Stephanie and her friend (and former boyfriend) jump on the bandwagon, with a shot taking down Ian forever (spoilers).

This is where we leave the FREE download of the Updated, Edited and Re-Designed eBook for PART ONE of The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles. Once we move forward, the conspiracy on CGT and how far it goes deepens, we see family and friends coming and going – death and resurrection continue as Hannah goes deeper into the world of spies, double agents, faked deaths and good vs evil.

I’ve loved finding this character along the last year and a half. She is someone very dear to my heart, which is why, the full 70 instalment eBook is going to be available for you too!

The first 30 instalments are FREE at the link below, but keep your ears perked and hands over your mouse/keyboard for the announcement very soon, of when you can download your Hannah Carmichael Chronicles eBook!
I can’t wait for you to fall in love (or rediscover your love) with Hannah Carmichael – just like me.

To grab your free copy, head to this link:

See You in the Adventures!

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